- We have won Award Of Excellence 2024 image
- We have won Award Of Excellence 2024

Gallery 1066 are proud to have won Award Of Excellence 2024!

Award of Excellence - How E2 Media pick their winners.

E2 Media’s Award of Excellence is a well-established and widely recognised awards scheme that can really help cement an art gallery’s reputation in their industry. With an Award of Excellence there is no need to attend an expensive ceremony to be eligible to receive an award and the nomination process is straightforward, with a level playing field for all entrants regardless of their size or location. 

The criteria for being selected to receive an award is far reaching and there are many things that can contribute to the decision. E2 Media give out our awards to individuals and organisations both big and small so you don’t have to be the biggest in your field, or even the best. As an organisation they are not qualified to say who is the best in each field and leave that to the various trade bodies in each industry. As an independent publisher what they do and what they give to the right organisations that meet the criteria are their wholehearted endorsement by giving them one of their awards. 

E2 Media’s professional background and experience of their team makes them great judges and winning an Award of Excellence carries considerable weight being widely recognised not just in the UK but globally across a broad spectrum of industries.

How do they choose their winners? There is never just a single reason but usually several things that make them stand out from their competitors. It may be a unique or innovative product, it may be an investment into upgrading their product or service. It could be their work in the local community and their standing within that community. There are many potential reasons but one thing all of their award winners share is an outstanding level of service which in any business is all important. To all of their award winners featured in this edition, a massive congratulations.

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